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Update November 2017

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Update October 2017

Reformation to Revival Go

Update September 2017

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Update August 2017

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Update July 2017

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Update June 2017

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Update May 2017

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Update April 2017

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Update March 2017

Budget travel Go
Glimpses of glory Go
The baptism of fire Go
Lost treasures of the Bible Go

Update February 2017

Inspired by Rees Howells Go

Update January 2017

Prayer and intercession Go

Update December 2016

Possessed by God Go

Update November 2016

Close to the Holy Spirit Go

Update October 2016

Are we filled with the Holy Spirit? Go

Update September 2016

Holy Spirit prayers Go

Update August 2016

The Holy Spirit breaks down our resistance Go

Update July 2016

The will of God Go

Update June 2016

Holy Spirit thinking Go

Update May 2016

The Holy Spirit wants to possess you Go

Update April 2016

Sealed and Baptised in the Holy Spirit Go

Update March 2016

Jesus' second coming Go
Debt time bomb! Debt mountains! Go
Last month Go

Update February 2016

Jesus is God Go

Update January 2016

Healing today Go

Update December 2015

The first gift of Christmas Go
Last month Go

Update November 2015

God wants you Go
Missionaries and explorers of Africa Go

Update October 2015

Treasure in a field Go

Update September 2015

Celtic Christianity Go
Pick-n-mix spirituality Go
Personal revival Go

Update August 2014

Tares and Weeds in Your Church Go
The ĎIfsí and ĎButsí of the Bible Go

Update July 2015

Britain, A Christian Country Go
The Upside-Down Kingdom Go
Last month Go

Update June 2015

We need revival Go
The Kingdom Go

Update May 2015

Revival and money Go
We love because He is love Go

Update April 2015

The failure of churches Go
The way, truth and life Go

Update March 2015

Worldliness and holiness Go

Update February 2015

Last month Go

Update January 2015

What Does Revival Do? Go
Last month Go

Update December 2014

Revival and leadership Go

Update November 2014

Our desperate need for Christian revival Go

Update October 2014

Revivals are controversial Go

Update September 2014

Last month Go

Update August 2014

Last month Go

Update July 2014

Last month Go

Update June 2014

Has the Church failed the people? Go
Last month Go

Update May 2014

Revivals from the Holy Bible Go

Update April 2014

Last month Go

Update March 2014

Thirteen waves of Christian missions Go

Update February 2014

Confession, Repentance and Restoration Go

Update January 2014

Last month Go

Update December 2013

Meeting family in heaven Go

Update November 2013

In heaven, conformed to the image of Christ Go

Update October 2013

The heart Go
Life in heaven is pain free Go

Update September 2013

What not to discuss Go
Will life in heaven be boring or amazing? Go

Update August 2013

A global awakening Go
Will we have human bodies in heaven? Go

Update July 2013

What will heaven be like? Go

Update June 2013

The father of modern missions Go

Update May 2013

Total consecration Go

Update April 2013

Divine visitations Go

Update March 2013

Difficulties and pain Go

Update February 2013

Moving forward in God Go

Update January 2013

The first test of full surrender Go
True and False Revivals Go
Last month Go

Update December 2012

The English Reformation Go
Has your faith stagnated? Go

Update November 2012

The Church and mission Go
Forcing the call of God Go
Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession Go

Update October 2012

Channels of financial blessing Go
The unseen ministry Go
Supporting Israel Go

Update September 2012

John Knox Go
The wilderness years Go

Update August 2012

Heresy hunters Go
God is good Go

Update July 2012

Trusting in God Go
A humble heart Go

Update June 2012

The heart and motives Go
God's invitation Go

Update May 2012

Tattoos and flesh tunnels Go
Prayers and vows Go

Update April 2012

Daily Work Go

Update March 2012

Friends Go

Update December 2011

ByFaith Media Go

Update November 2011

Mission China, Mongolia, Russia Go

Update October 2011

Ancient Israel Ė the evidence in Egypt Go
Discipleship For Everyday Living Go

Update September 2011

ByFaith Mission China report Go
The lost years of Moses in Egypt Go

Update August 2011

Jesus answers the critics Go

Update July 2011

Woman walks again Go

Update June 2011

Preacher's blunders Go

Update May 2011

Bible printing errors Go

Update April 2011

The evolving English language Go
The face of the exodus pharaoh Go

Update March 2011

Timeline of Bible translation Go
The exodus pharaoh Go

Update February 2011

Prophecies for the U.K. Go
Josephís face Go

Update January 2011

Visions of revival Go
The Hebrew slaves Go

Update December 2010

Evidence for Joseph Go

Update November 2010

Mount Sinai Go
Revival and missions  Go

Update October 2010

The Red Sea Go
Walking honourably  Go

Update September 2010

Why doesnít everyone get healed?  Go
Israel in Egypt - The Exodus Mystery DVD  Go
The English language - facts and humour  Go

Update August 2010

Is Christianity a crutch?  Go

Update July 2010

Is it really in the Bible?  Go
Revival Fire - 150 Years of Revivals  Go

Update June 2010

The exodus evidence  Go
Global Revival  Go

Update May 2010

Did Jesus promise to give us anything in prayer? Go

Update April 2010

Revival and holiness Go

Update March 2010

Moses in Egypt Go
The basics of revival Go

Update February 2010

Joseph in Egypt Go
Sayings from the Bible Go
Should Christians date non-Christians? Go

Update January 2010

Christian charity and abuse of it Go
Great revivals in Korea! Go

Update December 2009

Forgiveness and justice Go
Signs of maturity Go

Update November 2009

A sense of abandonment Go
Are short-term mission trips effective? Go

Update October 2009

The Exodus Go
Christianity Go
The Bible's legacy Go
Democracy and Christianity Go
Christianity and Human Rights Go
The Exodus Evidence In Pictures Go
The forgotten legacy of Christianity Go
What has the Bible done for the world? Go
What did Jesus Christ do for the world? Go
The Christian faith and the modern age Go
The Christian faith shaped life on earth Go
The influence and legacy of Christianity Go
What has Christianity done for the world? Go

Update September 2009

Divine principles and human logic Go
How Christianity Made the Modern World Go
How can I choose a career? Go

Update August 2009

Military might and Christianity Go
Christian revival will always be controversial! Go
The spirit of fear and intimidation Go

Update July 2009

The battle of the mind Go

Update June 2009

Why can't I sleep? Go
The priesthood, the urim and thummim etc. Go

Update May 2009

Why should I keep re-reading the Bible? Go
Korea its land and early missionaries Go

Update April 2009

The Trinity Go
Economise to evangelise Go
The Cross and the Blood of Jesus Go

Update March 2009

The economy Go
Understanding revival Go
How can we see revival? Go

Update February 2009

What's wrong with witchcraft? Go
Revival Now Go
Awake Now Go
Mission Now Go
Mission 2008 Go

Update January 2009

I need £500 for a mission trip Go
Jesus and women Go

Update December 2008

The story of Africa Go
How Christianity made the modern world Go

Update November 2008

Great Christian Revivals Go
Three simple godly habits Go
One thing I have desired of the Lord Go
What if my prayers are not answered? Go

Update October 2008

Six things to do today! Go
I keep watching bad stuff on TV - help! Go
The five calls of God. Go

Update September 2008

Shillong revival - India Go
Supporting University and Bible College students. Go

Update August 2008

Pyongyang great revival - Korea Go
The Olympics Go

Update July 2008

Revival and the divine-human partnership Go
Those who were faithful Go

Update June 2008

Why we need revival Go
The workings of the Spirit Go

Update May 2008

A true servant Go

Update April 2008

The call of God for service Go
Itís time for revival! Go

Update March 2008

Do you have a dream? Go
How can I have a quite time? Go

Update February 2008

The Great Commission - it can be fulfilled! Go
I recently became a Christian, but what do I do now? Go

Update January 2008

What is my worldview? Go
What really is repentance? Go

Update December 2007

Are you spiritually healthy? Go
Genuine Christian revival  Go
What do you film with? Go

Update November 2007

Good and bad films Go
Is your church healthy or diseased? Go

Update October 2007

Good debt and bad debt Go
ByFaith info Go

Update September 2007

Bible reading Go

Update August 2007

Stay healthy abroad Go
Protect your skin Go

Update July 2007

How can I find worth and value in life? Go
Telecommunications, Morse Code, Radio and Telephones Go

Update June 2007

Where is the proof that Jesus ever existed? Go
Onions are a natural anti-oxidant Go

Update May 2007

Christianity and democracy Go
ByFaith News  Go

Update April 2007

Revival fires Go
Discover a greater anointing Go
The significance of the year 2007 Go

Update March 2007

ByFaith news Go
Making life happen in Christ Go
William Wilberforce and the end of the slave trade Go

Update February 2007

What is revival? Go
Steps to lose weight Go
A cross-less Christ Go

Update January 2007

20/30 something Christian Go
Surrender to His will Go
Revival prophecy Go

Update December 2006

Knowing purpose Go
Where should my tithe go? Go
ByFaith TV in New Zealand Go
The politically correct Christmas  Go

Update November 2006

The next big thing Go
The great commission Go
TV update Go

Update October 2006

Knowing God's will Go
ByFaith TV in Australia Go
What's so special about Sunday? Go
Special offers Go

Update September 2006

I want to be a missionary! Go
In pursuit of purpose Go

Update August 2006

Tongues Go
Short-term mission Go
Christian or disciple? Go

Update July 2006

Revival book Go
Domestic violence Go
The Pruning process Go
What is the call to discipleship? Go

Update June 2006

What is total surrender?   Go
Should Christians go to pubs and clubs?   Go
Is it a sin to purchase and listen to non-Christian music?   Go
Mathew Backholer talks ByFaith TV   Go
Paul Backholer talks ByFaith TV   Go

Update May 2006

The awful reality of the Holy Spirit   Go
Youth group resource   Go
Christian reality TV   Go
News update   Go
Myspace   Go

Update April 2006

ByFaith TV website   Go
ByFaith books   Go
ByFaith store   Go
ByFaith DVD's   Go

Update March 2006

Political correctness  Go
Health: fresh fish  Go
Christian prophecy  Go
Spiritual fathers  Go
The Lord's sword  Go
The harvest  Go

Update February 2006

Diet excuses  Go
Vitamins, minerals, nutrients  Go

Update January 2006

Reincarnation  Go
England prophecy  Go
Wales prophecy  Go
Scotland prophecy  Go
Ireland prophecy  Go
Prophecy Now  Go

Update December 2005

Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus  Go
Great Britain revival prophecy  Go
Britainís future revival prophecies  Go
Jean Darnel's Britain revival prophecy  Go
Smith Wigglesworth's UK revival prophecy  Go

Update November 2005

John Bunyan  Go
The soul and the spirit  Go
Vitamins A + B  Go
Vitamins B  Go
Vitamins C + D  Go
Vitamin E  Go

Update October 2005

Body facts  Go
I'm being bullied  Go
Have you had too much coffee?  Go

Update September 2005

Choosing a career  Go

Carbohydrates  Go
Glycaemic index (GI)  Go
You ask the questions update  Go

Update August 2005

Asian mission files  Go

Update July 2005

Advice to help you share the gospel  Go
Food and drink as medicine  Go
Food facts and stress  Go
The year 1975  Go

Update June 2005

Money  Go
Bill Bright  Go
Food facts and information  Go
Health information  Go

Update May 2005

How to stay healthy  Go
Healthy shopping and eating 1  Go
Healthy shopping and eating 2  Go
Psalm 23 for TV people  Go
The history of cremations  Go

Update April 2005

You ask the questions  Go
Jesus the servant  Go
Hay fever  Go

Update March 2005

Interactive city  Go
Mobile evangelism  Go

Update February 2005

TV Super Highway  Go
Valentines Day and Kisses  Go
I want to do missions - what should I do?  Go
Evangelism on the Internet  Go

Update January 2005

Life is hard  Go
NI5 spy mission  Go
Interesting facts  Go

Update December 2004

Seeking God  Go
Inheritance  Go

Update November 2004

Baptism  Go
The wedding cake  Go
Gifting for ministry  Go
The gift of tongues  Go
English essay quotes  Go

Update October 2004

Embrace the future  Go
Our dependence on God  Go
South-East Asian capitals  Go
More strange and interesting facts  Go
Do you need a new Doctor?  Go
Bumper stickers  Go

Update September 2004

Be balanced in knowledge  Go
The ten commandments  Go
Doctrine and heresy  Go
All about divorce  Go
Real signs  Go
Getting old  Go

Update August 2004

Judging others  Go
Find your calling  Go
The cost of discipleship  Go
A good plan for your life  Go
Top ten cinema catch phrases  Go
Letís take a look at marriage  Go
More strange and interesting facts  Go
Quotes, quips and questions  Go
Europe's capitals quiz  Go

Update July 2004

Driving survey  Go
The big offering  Go
Love is a reality  Go
Living for revival  Go
Get on fire for God  Go
Humility and meekness  Go
History of England / Britain  Go
Exercise for a healthy spiritual life  Go
More strange and interesting facts  Go
At the gates of heaven  Go

Update June 2004

Dog rules  Go
Let your joy be full  Go
The fruit of the Spirit  Go
Divine appointments  Go
Knowing God as Father  Go
If dogs could understand  Go
The gifts of the Holy Spirit  Go
Test your biblical knowledge  Go
The graces of the Holy Spirit  Go
More strange and interesting facts  Go
How to disturb a telephone salesperson  Go

Update May 2004

The Bible  Go
At home  Go
Mission work  Go
Funny images  Go
Anger and danger  Go
At the fitness club  Go
A spirit of boldness  Go
The heart of the matter  Go
The power of the tongue  Go

Update April 2004

Easter  Go
In the car  Go
At the office  Go
A generous giver  Go
Tithes and offerings  Go
What not to do in public  Go
How to handle my finances  Go
Drugs, alcohol and substance abuse  Go
Evangelism: Telling other people about Jesus  Go

Update March 2004

More jokes  Go
Biblical rules for living  Go
Sex outside of marriage  Go
Strange and interesting facts  Go
Forgive or you will be sorry!  Go
Knowing your enemy the devil  Go
Learning to resist temptations  Go
Standing our ground and using our weapons  Go
Leviticus: The Sacrifices, feasts and festivals  Go

Update February 2004

Praise and worship  Go
What do these biblical words mean?  Go
Our position in Christ Jesus  Go
Godly friends are good to have  Go
Relationships with the opposite sex  Go
More strange and interesting facts  Go
St. Valentine and Valentines day  Go
Who is Jesus?  Go
More jokes  Go

Update January 2004

The new year with God presentation  Go
Knowing right from wrong  Go
New year resolutions  Go
Fear and worry  Go
The Holy Spirit  Go
The breaking of bread  Go
Water baptism  Go
Strange and interesting facts  Go
More doctor, doctor jokes  Go
Bible jokes  Go

Update December 2003

How does the world celebrate Christmas?  Go
The Bible, itís the greatest book ever  Go
Talking with God  Go
Church life  Go
Becoming a disciple of Jesus  Go
A change of thinking  Go
Leadership survey  Go
Lost your joy?  Go
Driving survey  Go

Update November 2003

Christian interactive discipleship course introduction  Go
In the beginning a look at our need  Go
What is a Christian?  Go
Tell me more about becoming a Christian  Go
Now I am a Christian, what is next?  Go
At the careers office  Go

Update October 2003

Prayer, intercession, tongues and the Bible  Go
University applications  Go
Have you read these books?  Go
Strange news  Go
DIY improvements  Go
More doctor, doctor jokes  Go
What do you call...?  Go

Update September 2003

The history/origins of the English language  Go
Money canít buy you everything  Go
You know you are on a budget airline when...  Go
Missionary to China  Go
Ambassadors for Christ  Go
Strange diets  Go
Dentist survey  Go

Update August 2003

Does the Bible predict an end time world wide revival?  Go
What are the biblical conditions for revival? Go
Praise God alphabet  Go
Ready made meals  Go

Update July 2003

Who am I in Christ?  Go
The veracity of Genesis  Go
Strange and interesting facts  Go
Buying presents survey  Go
Survey of the heavens  Go
Pets can travel  Go
Thoughts  Go

Update June 2003

Christian rock music  Go
Send God a text message!  Go
The first Protestant missionary to Korea  Go
Teenage eating habits  Go
Appearance related bullying  Go

Update May 2003

Christian dance music  Go
The Matrix Reloaded  Go
Londonís congestion charge  Go
Christian youth Australia  Go
Is it safe to fly?  Go
Baptised in the Holy Spirit  Go
Christian bands  Go
UK school truancy  Go
UK bible college directory  Go
Link 2 ByFaith  Go
Shoe bomb protection  Go

Update April 2003

Download free Christian software  Go
General knowledge quiz  Go
Spy mission, Europe  Go
Jesus life confirmed  Go
Is the Bible true?  Go
Did the resurrection happen?  Go
Was the body stolen?  Go
Who is Jesus to You?  Go
Forgiveness of sins  Go
Never heard?  Go
Evidences of Salvation  Go
Says who? Go
Healed from cancer  Go

Update March 2003

Should Christians work in the media?  Go
Salt of the earth  Go
Evangelistic vision  Go
Your testimony  Go
I am not ashamed.  Go
Uneducated and untrained  Go
Where is God?  Go
Tract evangelism  Go
Tracts and wisdom  Go
Where can I buy Christian tracts?  Go
The brain virus that paralysed me  Go
Sunrises and sunsets UK  Go

Update February 2003

Film quiz  Go
Saved from Sulphuric Acid  Go
Harry Potter  Go
The crowd may be wrong  Go
Why should we believe in God?  Go
Is life meaningless?  Go
Evolution the big joke  Go
Our greatest need  Go
Do all religions lead to God?  Go
Christian's in social action  Go
Christianity and Socio-Political action  Go
American declaration of independence and the Lord  Go
Are governments ordained by God?  Go
God is in control  Go
Jesus resisted political evil  Go
Jesus submitted to authority  Go
Rees Howells history  Go
Welsh revival  Go
Intercession and Rees Howells  Go
Rees Howells short biography  Go
Virtual tour Rees Howells Bible College  Go

Update January 2003

Get out of debt and live in financial freedom  Go
New life resolutions: The sayings.  Go
Zimbabwe. New mission  Go
Spiritual warning signals  Go
The existence of God  Go
Living eternity conscious  Go
The cost of backsliding  Go
The miracle and the person  Go
Christian youth New Zealand  Go
Life is short man  Go
New mission link  Go

Update December 2002

A brief overview of each book of the Old Testament  Go
A brief overview of each book of the New Testament  Go
Crop circles. Mel Gibson and the Bible  Go
Help Ė my parents are splitting up! Divorce.  Go
Communism falls in Mozambique  Go
Christian youth Canada  Go
Did the world summit change the world?  Go
E-mail marketing on the rise  Go
Psalm 23 for computer people.  Go
A professional photographer  Go
Various game links  Go
Tea and our health!  Go
Words of wisdom one  Go
Words of wisdom two  Go
Words of wisdom three  Go
God loves to decorate  Go
How to seek God  Go
UK census  Go

Update November 2002

New miracle  Go
Christian USA  Go
Match the headlines with the person.  Go
Refined as silver  Go
Passion for evangelism and world mission  Go
Leaders, what did they do?  Go
How to look after your first car  Go
The weakest link  Go
BBC three  Go
Meeting Your maker  Go
Jaws. Facts about the film.  Go
If God had voice mail.  Go
A generous giver  Go

Update October 2002

Christian UK  Go
Quiz - Books of the Bible  Go
Shark attack  Go
Can an asteroid destroy the earth?  Go
History of the Bible print  Go
The power of mission  Go
Celebrate halloween?  Go
On-line devotions update  Go
Media update  Go
Israel update  Go
Actual reality cd-rom  Go
Webmaster update  Go

Update September 2002

Over 11 countries,
photos and secret mission work.    Go
Quiz September 2002  Go
Jokes    Go
Jokes two    Go
Jokes three    Go
UK events update    Go
Interactive update    Go