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Rees Howells and the Welsh Revival

Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession
The Legacy of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare of an Intercessor

The Welsh revival swept throughout Wales, transforming communities as thousands were swept into the body of Christ. The powers of darkness were forced back as the Kingdom of God advanced forcefully. Evan Roberts, was used mighty to see the rivers of revival flow.

Rees Howells, a young convert, later to be used in revival, was overwhelmed by the power of the revival. But he realised there was a great need to be able to intercede for the new converts to be true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the main thrust of the revival was over, Rees Howells was challenged by the Holy Spirit to see revival in a village, which it had not touched. After much prayer, people began to come to the Lord in that area. The Lord was faithful in answering prayer.

The Staff and students from Rees Howells' College of Wales
Rees Howells had fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit in the early 1900s. He was led into a path of deep intercession for various individuals and situations and later on would see revival in Southern Africa. During World War II, he would lead the Bible College of Wales in intercession to see freedom in Europe from the Nazi system.

Rees Howells in Africa
After Rees Howells left Wales, (called by many the land of revivals), he and his wife went to Southern Africa as missionaries, where again the rivers of revival began to flow. He travelled to many mission stations and in every one they saw revival break out. Thousands were swept into the Kingdom of God and many were healed.

When he came back from Southern Africa, he was called to start the Bible College of Wales, where he could teach the principles of faith and intercession, which he had learnt.

In 1950, Rees Howells was glorified and he handed the work of the Bible College of Wales to his son, Samuel Rees Howells. He continued in a deep life of intercession and faith for six decades and God answered his believing prayers. World events were still being transformed by the intercessors that Rees Howells had taught and one of Samuel’s concerns was to pray for revival all over the world.