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Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession
The Legacy of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare of an Intercessor

Principles of intercession by Rees Howells.

The intercessor must become responsible for the prayer that the Holy Spirit gives them. They must ‘pray through’ until the prayer is answered. They cannot walk away from the prayer – it is their responsibility and it is the Holy Spirit who intercedes through the willing servant.

  • Identification with the subject of intercession.
  • As the crucifixion of self proceeds, intercession begins.
  • The Holy Spirit can take the intercessor into extremes to fulfil the intercession. Examples are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Hosea, who are some of the great intercessors of the Bible.
  • Agony in intercession. "If it dies, it brings forth much fruit" -Jesus.
  • Authority. The intercessor finds a place of prevailing prayer with God.
  • The gained position of intercession can be used in other prayer situations.
  • Entering the 'grace of faith.' The measureless realms of God's grace are open for the intercessor to prevail. upon.
Mr and Mrs Rees Howells, and Mr Samuel Howells. Rees Howells Intercessor sold millions, the Bible College of Wales was founded by Rees Howells, continued by Mr. Samuel Rees Howells

More teaching from Rees Howells about intercession

Intercession for many is a word that is hard to understand. But there are some basics:

  • God gives you a prayer that you are responsible to pray through.
  • When the Lord shows you the prayer, you are committed to it whatever the cost is and for how ever long it takes.
  • Intercession is completely voluntary. You are never forced into prayer. The intercessor needs to be willing to enter into a new place of intercession.
  • The intercessor love God so much, that they want to obey. They will pay the price because of their love for the Saviour.
  • The intercessor will discover wave upon wave of evil as they prevail upon God, to witness spiritual systems that have held millions of people in bondage for centuries, broken.
  • There is death involved in intercession. But the focus is never just death. The Spirit of God is gaining ground all the time. You will gain tremendous power over the enemy.
  • Intercession in many ways is hidden. The world does not see the prayer until it is completed. Jesus, The Intercessor, was misunderstood in His intercession. Not until after the resurrection did the disciples begin to understand why He came. Only after His ascension did they begin to understand His work as the, great High Priest, who entered into death to destroy it.