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Political Correctness Gone Mad

Are Easter, Christmas and Christ really offensive?

Should Christmas be called ‘Winterville’ and the name of Christ banned? Political correctness has led a small group of the cultural elite to discriminate against Christian tradition, in an attempt not to offend people from minority religions. But members of these other religions are angry too. They are saying that this political correctness is ‘not in their name’. They respect the Christian faith and respect the Western celebration of Easter and Christmas etc.

We cannot have double standards when it comes to tolerance in Western culture. We cannot get angry at one person who questions a minority faith and then accept it as normal to discriminate against our primary religion. Why should we throw away hundreds of years of tradition because of ridiculous attempts not to offend? Why should the words Christmas, Christ and Easter offend anyone? It certainly does not offend people of minority religions; it is just another example of political correctness gone mad!

Hab. 2:4
'By faith and the Bible'
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