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'Christian Youth Australia'

Christian Youth Australia

Australia has a population of nearly 19 million people. The federal, parliamentary Australian democracy was formed in 1901 with 6 States and 2 federal territories.

The greatest challenge facing the Christian youth of Australia is the secularisation of the hearts and minds of the Australian people.

Around 30% of the population would regard themselves as not being religious in any way. Almost 70% of Australians would call them self ‘A Christian’, yet the reality is that around 10% of Australians would attend church on an average Sunday.

Australia has given the Christian world an overwhelming amount of modern worship and ‘Hillsong Music Australia’ dominated the Western world’s worship scene for many years.

This generation of Christian youth in Australia have a special and powerful calling to reach this nation. Australia has never had a national revival, but it is YOU young person who could change that through prayer! Will you?

Hab. 2:4
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