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Food Facts and Information

1. Healthy eating is all about having a balanced diet - eating in moderation and having a variety of foods. It is recommended that we eat five portions of foods such as salads, vegetables and fruit a day.

2. Due to Orange juice high sugar levels and its acidity it can soften tooth enamel quickly and cause tooth decay.

3. Green tea has 50% more vitamin C than black tea.

4. Coffee, which has been percolated or stewed (not instant coffee), may increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

5. Did you know that sugar on its own, does not cause heart attacks, diabetes, obesity or acne? Fatty foods, many of which are sweetened are the main culprits.

6. Apricots that are canned in natural juice have less than half the amount of beta-carotene of fresh or dried apricots but the juice provides a good source of vitamin C.

7. Although we know sweet corn as a vegetable, it is actually a cereal crop, which is part of the grass family and was first cultivated in the mid-1800 in America.

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