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Prophecy for Great Britain

This is what the sovereign Lord says: “Yes, there is to be a harvest, yes a harvest of souls like no other harvest that this nation has ever experienced. For this harvest is a seed harvest, a harvest that will produce strong healthy seed that can be sent to other nations that in turn will produce another harvest, and in turn shall be sown again and again. And the wind of My Spirit shall blow the seed all over the earth in every direction. And it shall germinate and grow and spread forth its fruit, and there will be fields with sheaves in every nation.

That which was foretold from the beginning shall come to pass, and the sower and the reaper shall work hand in hand and be led by My Spirit to the most fertile places on this earth, as well as the dry and arid places. Yes, this will be a harvest to end all harvests. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken and it shall come to pass.”

Michael Backholer, Monday 16th January 2006.

This prophecy has been reprinted with permission from Prophecy Now
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