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I need 500 for a mission trip, but how can I get it?

Hey, its great to hear that you are going on a mission trip, but finding the money can be tough! Well, you could wait for a miracle or be the miracle! Option one is to fast and pray, but first, we must also realise that we cannot truly expect God to free us from all responsibility to work for that money either!

A good set of principles is to pray first, then do all you can - then ask God to do the rest. Do you have any savings you can use? What about your income and expenditure now? Why don't you cut back on your spending now? I.e, less fast food, DVDs, CDs, clothes etc and put that money to the mission costs. If you have no income, why not apply for a part-time job? Also, have you considered a sponsored 'something?' If you could get two-hundred people to sponsor you a couple of pounds each, then you are on your way. Next you could try family, friends and of course, grandparents!

You could approach your church for help, but don't be discouraged if they say, "No." Many people have received money before and ended up wasting it. Also, some have been found to 'spend, spend, spend' their own money, whilst other Christians have sacrificed and lived without to put that money in the church in the first place.

Finally don't be surprised or ashamed of the sources that God uses to get that money to you. We all want a stranger to hand us the money for God's work, but most of us find it is our hard-work, or our family and friends who are God's sources of provision.

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