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Crop Circles

Mel Gibsons film, 'Signs' has revitalized interest in crop circles around the world, and all throughout the summer bus loads of Americans have come to visit sites here in the U.K. which are known for their reoccurring crop circles.

It pleased the tourist board to see them after the tragedy of foot and mouth, but what we need to know is this, do the crop circles come from an unknown source, or are they man made?


Back in 800 A.D the Bishop of France wrote about strange circles that starting appearing in the fields at night time. They seemed humanly impossible and the Bishop wondered if there were some demonic influences. This was the first written record of the existence of crop circles.

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Mathematically Perfect

Why is there so much fuss about these crop circle?

Well, the best of the circles all follow a specific mathematical, numerical pattern and that is what makes them amazing.

These complex designs have been seen all over the world. When a group of teenagers make a quick fake, it is markedly different from these 'professional' crop circles.

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Aliens Or Man Made?

When crop circles began to appear in large numbers they were simple and boring. As the numbers flourished and the years went on they evolved into complex mathematically correct patterns.

Scientists were baffled by these amazing designs. If they were man made, why would anyone spend so much time making something so mathematically correct?

Others have wondered if they were created by some else, something unknown.

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Are All Crop Circle Hoaxes?

As the T.V. boys began to investigate, one by one members of the public shared their secrets!

Imagine a few guys, a plank of wood and some string. Marking a centre for a circle, and attaching some string to it, using a plank of wood and a bit of imagination some amazingly unique designs and geometrical shapes have be achieved.

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Mel Gibson stars in the film signs. Fearful of the supernatural happenings, they seek the answer concerning the crop circles.

Behind the imagination is the reality that crop circles are made by those who have lots of time and nothing to do! We have found the stamp and it says – ‘Man made’.

But some still believe they come from an supernatural origin.

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The Bible gives us a glimpse into the world of angels.

We know that they can come to earth looking like humans, an example being when Abraham met 3 angels (See Genesis 18).

We know that they can appear in angelic form, as they did declaring Jesus birth (Luke 2:13-15).

Who knows if sightings of UFO’s, or strange experiences could be down to their work?

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