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Where is the proof that Jesus ever existed? Why, if Jesus was so widely known, did not even one historian of that era ever mention His name? I want to believe, but everything we know is hearsay, – Luke.

Luke, the question that must be asked here is what manner of proof is acceptable?

Ancient historical figures (such as Cleopatra, Aristotle etc) that few people dispute as having once existed, are almost universally understood to have lived based almost exclusively and entirely on the surviving testimony and documentation of others, though little or no physical evidence of their lives remains.

Why then do we question Jesus' life?

Sadly, today people conclude the Bible cannot be trusted, even though they have not considered the evidence. We must be very careful not to do this. Remember this, there is more written evidence to prove that Jesus existed, than Julius Caesar.

We must consider that Jesus was condemned as a 'criminal' from an unimportant part of the world. But a few years after His death Josephus, the most important historian of his day, (upon whose accounts we base much of the history of the region), talked about Jesus being a miracle worker.

We must remember that in the days of those who wrote the Bible, there was no TV or radio and for most people, no education as we understand it today. The words and stories of Jesus were the most important things they ever heard. They talked about them all the time and kept retelling the stories because they were so important. Keeping to the facts was 100% important to them.

Is the Bible true?

1. The New Testament writers were very careful and accurate, checking their sources and getting eye witness accounts. Luke visited people who lived with Jesus, Luke 1:1-4. John was an eye witness gospel writer, John 19:35. Paul listed the witnesses of the resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15:4-8.

2. Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies made over thousands of years. It would be impossible for just any man to have fulfilled them. Who could invent Jesus and His birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection which were foretold?

3. Outside sources support the Bible; Josephus the historian recorded facts about Jesus life, see "History of the Jews" AD90. Thallus, a non-Christian writing in AD 52, mentions the darkness over Rome at the time of the crucifixion. Seutonius, official historian of the Caesars, spoke of the Jewish disapproval of the followers of Christ who were then expelled from Rome.

4. Archaeological evidence, the facts, places, names of people - historical evidence speaks for itself.

Remember that 1/3 of earth’s population are followers of Jesus and Jesus is considered as a prophet by at least another 1.3 billion people.

The disciples were eye witnesses and they gave first-hand accounts to everyone they talked with about their faith. The disciples died trusting in Jesus, they never would have given their lives if it was all just 'hearsay'. Would you die for something you did not believe was true?

Instead of questioning Jesus, why not ask Him into your heart, find a living church and ask for the Holy Spirit to change you? Get prayer at that church and experience God. Why not seek God now for His touch?

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