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How can I find worth and value in life?

It isn't what we do that makes us significant, it is who we are.

In the West, when we meet a new person we often ask them 'What do you do?' If they have an important job, we are in danger of instantly treating them differently, than we would if their work was low-skilled and low paid.

The problem with Western culture, is that we often try to discover our value or worth by what we do, but in an ever changing world, our circumstances can change quickly and our outward significance can instantly be devalued.

The Bible teaches us that as Christians, we are the children of God and as God's children, we are co-heirs with Christ. Our circumstances can change, but our value and worth in Him can never change.

If we are hoping to find worth or significance in anything other than our relationship with God, we are in danger of being disappointed. But if we discover our worth in Him, we can be secure that our significance as His child is secure for eternity.

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