New Youth Group Resource

Good News For Youth Leaders - Reality TV Just Got Saved!

Every youth leader knows the struggle of attempting to inspire teenagers in a multimedia age - yet now an exciting new DVD resource is available! Reality TV just got saved!

ByFaith TV follows the adventures of two Bible College graduates around the globe, as they share God’s word and gain practical understanding of their faith, through the trials and triumphs of each adventure. The series was filmed in 14 nations and took around 5 years to make.

The DVD's of the series states:

‘The adventure of a lifetime begins when two brothers step out of their comfort zone, to embark on several unique worldwide missions. Join them on their extreme expeditions in Europe, North Africa and throughout Asia. In each country they are challenged to put their faith into action and learn from their experiences on this Journey of Discipleship.’

This evangelical series will give young people a global perspective of the Christian faith and take Christianity out of the church and into the real world. Not only that, but it’s a brand new resource for youth groups and youth leaders.

"We know what it’s like planning a series of youth meetings and wandering around the local Christian book store trying to find something suitable” said Paul Backholer, the co-presenter. “That is why we planned that the ByFaith DVD’s of our series would be a unique tool for youth groups.”

Youth leaders can choose to watch a whole 25 minutes episode in their meetings or use a 3 minute scene selection (over 200 available) as an illustration.

Each episode has a biblical theme; from forgiveness in Bangladesh, unity in Italy and persecution in North Africa etc., the 15 episode DVD’s take Christian discipleship from Sunday morning, to 24/7.

“Having preached in many churches in the UK, I realised that there are many voluntary youth leaders who work full-time in their regular jobs. When they get home from a busy day, they feel pressured knowing that they have to prepare something to keep 20 teenagers inspired and occupied for that evening,” said Mathew Backholer, the co-presenter. “We hope the ByFaith DVD’s will help take the pressure off of them and give them a unique resource to inspire their young people to get on fire for God.”

The brothers wanted to make the DVD’s cost-effective to all youth groups, that’s one reason they made an original special offer for the complete DVD Set.

This is a new season for youth ministry tools – reality TV meets biblical Christianity. You can order online and watch trailers at

You can buy the DVD's at the store.