ByFaith TV Season 1 - A Journey of Discipleship

The adventure of a lifetime begins when two British brothers step out of their comfort zone, to embark on several unique worldwide missions. Within three years, their expeditions take them into Europe, North Africa and throughout Asia. In every nation they are challenged to put their faith into action and learn from their experiences on this ‘Journey of Discipleship.’

The mission begins when Paul and Mathew Backholer travel in the great cities of Europe - London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. They witness for Christ, are attacked by thieves and see blessing.

The adventure continues with persecution in North Africa and later in Asia the guys are brought to their knees by culture shock. Government checkpoints and instability in Nepal slows the journey into the capital, but in India, local pastors share the amazing growth of the Christian church. The mission continues in Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In each nation, there’s a lesson to be learnt, an adventure to be had and another step on this ‘Journey of Discipleship’.

In each country the Lord tailor-makes their experiences, to teach them principles of discipleship and each episode has a biblical theme – including revival, forgiveness, overcoming, discerning God’s voice, and total surrender to the will of God.

Join Paul and Mathew Backholer on their ‘Journey of Discipleship’; at times they see good things, but also they face many challenges, especially in the developing world, as they experience many trials which bring them to their knees.

ByFaith TV is a programme with a Christian worldview and basic message in every episode, which is safe for the whole family. The complete series deals with several biblical subjects through the experiences that the guys have encountered whilst on mission. The very best of ByFaith TV is also available in a 1 DVD called ByFaith - World Mission. Go