ByFaith DVD Three
Episodes And Special Features

Episode Seven
Persecution in Tunisia. Millions of believers are persecuted around the world, do we really consider them? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Persecution *ByFaith Introduction *Sahara Desert *Stoned! *Prayer For Persecutors *School Bus *Remote Town *Christian Heritage *Police Harassment *Persecuted Christians *History Of Persecution *Fear On The Street

Episode Eight
Giving Thanks to God in India. Giving thanks helps us to overcome! 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Giving Thanks *Culture Shock *Early Morning *Agra *Dare To Walk *Rickshaw *Taj Mahal *Travel Nightmare *Giving Thanks Always *Varansai - Ganga River *River Of Death *The Light Of The Gospel

Episode Nine
Discouragement in Nepal. How does a Christian cope with discouragement? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Discouragement *Let The Journey Begin *Failed Visions *Over Land *Mission South Africa *Where Has The Road Gone? *Running Out Of Water *Warning: Don't Travel At Night *Answer To Prayer *Stay Out Of Trouble *Sickness And Discouragement *Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Bible Studies

On this DVD, find out where to download the free Bible studies that have been prepared for use with these episodes.

Study Seven: Persecution.
Study Eight: Giving thanks.
Study Nine: Discouragement.

Extra Footage

  • The Donkey
  • Matmatta, Not Madmatta!
  • Remote Town
  • The Camera Men
  • To Tunis And Home
  • Deleted Scene - Star Wars

  • Flying To India
  • Welcome To India
  • The Train
  • Agra
  • Travel Problems
  • Ganga River
  • Hotel Guys
  • Deleted Scene - Monkey Attack!

  • Nepal
  • Mountain Life
  • Kathmandu
  • The Need For The Gospel
  • Curfew
  • Sickness
  • Deleted Scene - Six Fingered Man
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Danger At Night
  • Deleted Scene 3 - Palace

  • Unique Commentary With Extra Footage

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