ByFaith DVD Two
Episodes And Special Features

Episode Four
Seeking God in France / Ireland. How can we seek God? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Seeking God *ByFaith Introduction *Driving At Night *Morning *Reformation And Revival *Mission Pioneer *Mission Challenge *Eiffel Tower *Prayer For Revival *Ireland Mission *Tract Evangelism *Potato Famine

Episode Five
Unity in Italy / The Channel Islands. Endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Unity *Myth And History *Arrival *Colosseum *Constantine *The Vatican *St. Peter Divine Appointment *The Attack! *The Catacombs *Helicopter Rescue Team *The Ultimate Sacrifice

Episode Six
The Joy of Giving in Tunisia (North Africa). Can we find real joy in giving to others? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Joy Of Giving *Faith Of Martyrs *Spiritual Heritage *Faster And Cheaper *Helping The Poor *Sahara Desert The Oasis *William Booth / Social Action *Door Tax *Trouble In Town *Social Action Principles *Gifts For The Children

Bible Studies

On this DVD, find out where to download the free Bible studies that have been prepared for use with these episodes.

Study Four: Seeking God.
Study Five: Unity.
Study Six: The joy of giving.

Extra Footage

France / Ireland
  • Going To France
  • Holland
  • Have A Nice Holiday
  • Mathew's Hotel
  • Around Paris
  • Parking
  • Deleted Scene - The Dance
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Going Home
  • Ireland

    Italy / Channel Islands
  • Italy
  • Old Rome
  • The Last Day
  • Deleted Scene - Trojan Forum
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Traffic
  • Deleted Scene 3 - Roman Soldier
  • Deleted Scene 4 - Pyramid
  • Guernsey

  • Press Record
  • The Hotel
  • Tunisian Food
  • Deleted Scene - Old City
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Lodgings
  • Deleted Scene 3 - Old Building
  • Deleted Scene 4 - Market
  • Deleted Scene 5 - Oasis

  • Unique Commentary With Extra Footage

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