ByFaith DVD One
Episodes And Special Features

Episode One
Unconditional Surrender (The Fire of God). Are you ready to encounter the fire of God? Extended episode: 56 minutes! Find out more.

Scene Access
*Extreme Introduction *The Mission *Paul's Testimony *North Africa *Mathew's Testimony *The Last Ten Years *Hotels, Food And The Budget! *Eating In *Eating Out *Vietnam *Extreme Weather *Travel By Car *Travel By Rickshaw In Asia *Travel By Boat *Travel By Coach *Border Crossings / Security Checks *Long Journeys *Travel By Ferry *Mission Trips *Filming *Poverty And Tsunami *Asian Church *The Coming Revival *The Challenge Of Discipleship

Episode Two
Revival in Britain. Is there going to be another great revival that will shake the nations? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Christian Revival *William Tyndale's Secret Mission *Revival Nation *London Heat Wave *Lands End *Welsh Revival *Wesley's Revival *On The Way To Scotland *City Of Churches *Chosen Nation 1989 Revival Vision *Flames Of Revival Prophecy

Episode Three
Knowing Godís Will in Germany / Holland. One of the greatest struggles believers have is to discern the will of God for their lives. 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*God's Will *ByFaith Introduction *To The Nations *Stay Up All Night *Destitute Night *We Will Rejoice *Discerning The Will Of God *Staying In Town * Martin Luther Reformation *Stuck In Frankfurt Again! *Netherlands Mission *Holland: Past And Present

Bible Studies

On this DVD, find out where to download the free Bible studies that have been prepared for use with these episodes.

Study One: Unconditional surrender to the will of God.
Study Two: Revival.
Study Three: Knowing God's will.

Extra Footage

Episode One
  • Episode one extended version features over 30 minutes of bonus material!

  • London
  • John O'Groats
  • Inverness
  • Remember WW2
  • Pray For Revival

  • The Trams

  • Unique Commentary With Extra Footage

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