By Faith TV

By Faith TV is a fast paced, engaging programme with a Christian worldview and radical message, which is exciting for the whole family.

The adventure of a lifetime begins when two brothers step out of their comfort zone, to embark on several unique worldwide missions. Join them on their extreme expeditions in Europe, North Africa and throughout Asia. In each country they are challenged to put their faith into action and learn from their experiences on this Journey of Discipleship.

In fifteen episodes and fourteen nations, armed with their backpacks, Bibles and a video camera, the brothers share their successes, failures and jubilation as they seek to win people to the message of Christian discipleship.

No scripts, no safety net, no easy way out. This cutting edge and compelling Christian reality TV series has one aim – to encourage all believers to a complete surrender to the call of discipleship.

Join Paul and Mathew Backholer on their ‘Journey of Discipleship’; at times they see the wonderful hand of God, but also face many challenges, especially in the developing world, as they experience many trials which bring them to their knees.

The complete series deals with fifteen biblical subjects through the experiences that the guys have encountered whilst on mission.

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