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Have you read these books?

  • 1. How to break into banks by Rob D Bank.
  • 2. The English fried breakfast by Chris P Bacon.
  • 3. How to fertilise your garden by Pete Soil.
  • 4. Are you telling the truth by Delilah Knows.
  • 5. How to keep fit by U R Running.
  • 6. How to make a million by Rich Guy.
  • 7. How to make a billion by Richie Rich.
  • 8. The art of good teeth by Den T Floss.
  • 9. The art of self defence by Fight Back.
  • 10. How to lead a happy life by Joy Full.
  • 11. Learn how to delegate by Erin Does.
  • 12. How to pronounce words better by Shibboleth Zgefyuio.
  • 13. How to unblock that toilet by Lou Plunger.
  • 14. Will he turn up on time by Obi Does.
  • 15. How to chauffeur in a professional manner by James Car.
  • 16. Are you paying attention? By Melissa Hears.
  • 17. Has your bike got three wheels? By Mike Trike.
  • 18. How to be a lion tamer by Daniel Den.
  • 19. Are you looking at the wrong thing by Samson Job.
  • 20. The explosive revelation by Dan E Mite.
  • 21. How to spell better by B E N T RY.
  • 22. Are you trying your hardest by I M Prove.
  • 23. The watchmakers delight by T D Tock.
  • 24. Who was the illegitimate child by Jays Son.
  • 25. The art of camouflage by Candice U See.

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    Hab. 2:4
    'By faith and the Bible'
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