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Christian questions and answers

Sex, Relationships

Who should I marry?
Iíve been looking at pornography, how can I stop?
Who should I have a relationship with?
How can I choose a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Iím having boyfriend problems, can you help?
Is sex outside of marriage ok?
How far is too far?
How can my relationship overcome a moment of infidelity?
Iíve slept with my boyfriend and now weíve broke up, what should I do now?
All my friends are doing it, so why can I?
Some racist people say that God does not approve of mixed relationships Ė is that true?
How did Jesus treat women?
What is Valentines day all about?
What can a kiss mean?

Family, Friends

My parents are splitting up - is it my fault?
Help, my dad beats my mum up, what can I do?
My parents do so many things that are wrong, how can I respect them?
Iím having problems with my parents, can you please help?
Why should I honour my parents?
What is a good friend?
My best friend cheated on me, should I forgive her?


Should I always feel guilty about sin?
Iíve failed a test, does God want me to be miserable?
How can I overcome fear and worry?
How can I change my thinking?
How can I resist temptation?
How can I reduce stress?
How can I move on from disappointments?
How can I use my mouth to bless people?
Should I judge people?
Can I overcome the spirit of fear and intimidation?
How can I cope with my sense of abandonment?

Faith and Belief

How do I know that I am saved?
I recently became a Christian, but what do I do now?
What is the battle of the mind?
What is my worldview?
Why should we believe in God?
What are the biblical rules for living?
Does backsliding cost?
How can I be a disciple of Jesus?
Why am I called to be a servant?
Does God exist?


How can I find worth and value in life?
Do you have a dream?
How can I see some action in Christ?
Iím being bullied, what should I do?
I feel fat and lonely, what should I do?
What is hope?
What is joy?
Should I be filled with joy all the time?
Are you spiritually healthy?
How can I stop feeling alone?
Should I live angry?
I get angry often, what can I do?
Can God use a failure?
Has God rejected me?
How can I be humble?
Can God use uneducated people?

Drugs and Health

Why can't I sleep?
How can I lose weight?
What is healthy living all about?
Is drugs, alcohol and smoking ok?
What is wrong with drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse?
Why doesnít everyone get healed?
Are cremations godly?


What is a divine appointment?
Do miracles happen today?
What's wrong with witchcraft?
Who is the devil?

Mission, Evangelism

I want to go on mission, but where and how?
How can I get money for a mission trip?
Are short-term mission trips effective?
How can I stay healthy on my mission abroad?
What is mission work?
Why should I tell people about Jesus?
Iím a teenager, how can I get involved with mission?
How can I economise to evangelise?
How can I share my testimony?
Can I share the gospel with a tract?
Can I evangelise with my mobile phone?
How can I evangelise on the Internet?
Can I have some more advice to help me share the gospel?
Got a passion for evangelism and world mission?
What about those who never heard the gospel?
Do all religions lead to God?


Is there a difference between being a Christian and being a disciple of Jesus Christ?
What really is repentance?

In the World

How can I choose a career?
Is it a sin to purchase and listen to non-Christian music?
How can I know if a film is too bad to watch?
Should the Church support University & Bible students?
What's so special about Sunday?
How can I be consistent at school?
Is contemporary Christian music bad?
How can I stop watching bad stuff on TV?
How have Christians influenced government?
How did Christianity help shape democracy?
Are governments ordained by God?
Should we be friends of Israel?
Should Christians work in the media?
Is social action ok?
Is Halloween ok?
How can I know right from wrong?
Has political correctness gone made?


How can I forgive?
Why is forgiveness good for me?
Does forgiveness give us justice?
Are all of my sins forgiven?
Will I always be bitter?
Crimes - should I forgive and not involve the police?


Can you give me some financial advice?
What is good debt and bad debt?
What should I do about abuse of Christian charity?
Iím worried about the economy, what can I do?
How can I get out of debt?
Can money buy me everything?
Why must I tithe?
Where should my tithe go?
What is a generous giver?
How should I handle my finances?
What are tithes and offerings?
Should I keep giving charity to those who abuse it?

God's Will

How do I know God's will?
How can I find my call?
Does God have a good plan for my life?
What is the cost of discipleship?
What can I do to seek God?

On Fire, Revival

How can I be on fire for God?
What is revival?
What are the basics of revival?
Is revival coming?
Will Britain see revival?
Will Christian revival always be controversial?
How can we see revival?

Prayer and Faith

How can I have a quite time?
How can I pray?
What if my prayers are not answered?
Can I talk to God?
What is intercession?
Can you give me a definition of an intercessor?
How can I seek God?
Are there any spiritual warning signals?
How short is life?

The Bible

How can I read the Bible systematically?
Why should I keep re-reading the Bible?
What is the Bible all about?
Is the Bible the greatest book?
Should I be balanced in my understanding of the Bible?
How do I know if something is heresy?
Is exodus true?
The exodus evidence in pictures


What is a Christian?
Now I am a Christian, what is next?
Is Christianity a crutch?
Who is Jesus Christ?
What is the Trinity?
What is the church?
Where can I find a church?
What is communion all about?
What is water baptism?
Why do they sing in church?
What is our greatest need?

Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?
What does it mean to be baptised in the Holy Spirit?
When you get saved, do you receive tongues?
What is the fruit of the Spirit?
How can I have the gift of tongues?
What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
What are the graces of the Holy Spirit?
How can I discover a greater anointing?
What does the Bible say about the work of the Holy Spirit?


Is the Bible true?
Where is the proof that Jesus existed?
Can science and Genesis work?
Is there problems with evolution?
Did the resurrection happen?
Was Jesus' body stolen?
Where is God?

I'm Not Sure About...

What is the difference between the soul and the spirit?
Will I be reincarnated?
Who was Saint Nicholas?