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Problems with Evolution

  • 1. If there was a big bang, the matter would be unequally distributed, - it would fly in random directions (like a hand grenade going off). But this theory says that the matter was equally distributed.

  • 2. To say that a complex human evolved, is to say that my watch evolved and it has many, many less parts than my great body!

  • 3. There are thousands of dinosaur remains (Skeleton's etc) so where is the missing link! Where is the semi human skeleton!

  • 4. How do birds know where to migrate to, when they have never seen the place.

  • 5. God has a great sense of humour. He made flying fish and the duck billed platypus!

  • 6. If we evolved then where are the body parts on me which must be still evolving and the redundant parts!

  • 7. Animals have an optimum design. They have the best design for their environment.

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