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Divine Appointments

Have you ever had a coincidence, which was so special that it seemed like God was in it? A divine appointment is ‘a meeting’ which was inspired and God led. God is sovereign; He is all knowing and all-powerful.

Sometimes God wants to bless us and other people, or He could try and help us get a good deal, etc. The possibilities of divine appointments are endless! If we are willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, great things are possible.

Throughout the Bible there are many examples of divine appointments. Time after time God leads the faithful to cross another person’s path and great things happen!

  • Esther
  • Philip leave that Revival!
  • Are you Available?
  • Testimonies of Divine Appointments
  • South Africa
  • At the Checkout
  • In the Bike Shop
  • On a Journey

  • Door to door
  • On a Mission Journey
  • Driving from London
  • North Africa
  • On an Internet forum
  • In Europe
  • At my youth group
  • My Job
  • Be open to God

  • Esther

    The book of Esther records the wickedness of Haman; he was the second highest official in the kingdom of Ahasuerus. Ahasuerus was the world’s most powerful leader, who ruled from Ethiopia to India in over 127 provinces (Esther 1:1).

    Haman was anti-Semitic, and like Hitler, wanted to annihilate the Jewish race. His anger was particularly fuelled by a Jewish man called Mordecai who refused to honour him. After a deceptive plot, he received permission from Ahasuerus to murder God’s people (3:7-15).

    The King was married to Esther who was a Jew, but this was unknown to the king and his people. Haman was sick to death of Mordecai and so decided to have him hanged; he built a gallows about 75 feet high and then went of to get the King’s permission.

    That night the King could not sleep and the book containing their recent history was read to him. The King discovered from that book that Mordecai had foiled his attempted assassination (Chapter 6).

    In the early morning Haman went to see the King to ask permission to hang Mordecai. First the King asked him how best to honour someone. Haman thought the King was talking about him and encouraged him to do great things to honour this person. The King replied "well go and do so to Mordecai". Haman was gutted!

    Haman took Mordecai around the streets on the king’s horse and had to shout out "Thus shall it be done to whom the king delights to honour" (6:6-11). Haman was grieved to the heart; he was embarrassed and humiliated.

    In chapter seven Esther risked her life to tell the King that Haman wanted to kill her people. The King is so angry that he orders Haman to be hung on the gallows that he had made for Mordecai.

    Esther reveals that Mordecai is a relative, and the King promotes him to Haman’s position. Mordecai reverses the old law that said the Jews should have been killed on a certain day, but instead says the Jews should protect themselves and defeat their enemies on that day.

  • 1. Esther was in the right place at the right time as queen and ‘Came to the kingdom for such a time as this’ (4:14).
  • 2. She overcame her fears and told the King of her people’s problems.
  • 3. The Lord stopped the King from sleeping so he would read about Mordecai saving him from an assassination plot (2:12-23).
  • 4. Mordecai was honoured by the man who wanted to kill him.
  • 5. Mordecai received a powerful position and a new home.
  • 6. The Jewish people were not annihilated.
  • 7. The enemies of the Jewish people were crushed.
  • 8. God’s people and His covenant with Abraham was upheld.


  • ‘Philip leave that Revival!’

    Philip was experiencing a great move of the Spirit. But the Holy Spirit called him to leave there and go to the desert! (Read Acts chapter 8). There was an important Ethiopian man in a chariot and the Holy Spirit told Him to overtake him. The man was reading from Isaiah 53 (which is the prophecy about the sufferings of the Messiah Jesus). Philip asked "Do you understood what you are reading?" The man replied "How can I unless someone guides me" and so Philip was invited up into the chariot and Philip preached Jesus to him (8:35). The man was converted and was baptised; suddenly Philip was transported in the Spirit to another location!

  • 1. God told Philip to leave a great harvest; He gave specific travelling instructions.
  • 2. Philip was then told to over take the chariot.
  • 3. Philip took the initiative to speak to the man.
  • 4. He was invited up into the chariot (God had been working on this mans’ heart as he was interested in the things of God).
  • 5. Philip explained about Jesus to the Ethiopian using Scripture and he was converted.


  • Are you Available?

    God is not interested in our ability but our availability. Are you willing to be used by God to advance His Kingdom or to help another brother or sister?

    If we have been baptised in the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:8-13, Acts 8:14-17 &19:6) then we can be open to use the gift of the Spirit as the Holy Spirit leads (1 Corinthians 12).

    He may give us a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom or He may let us discern God’s mind in a specific situation etc. If we are God’s sheep, then we should learn to hear the Shepherd's voice (John 10).


    Testimonies of Divine Appointments

    Here are some personal examples and testimonies from other people.

    South Africa

    God told us go to South Africa; we knew nobody there and had no contacts. We sat down in a fast food place and ordered a meal.

    The Holy Spirit told us to invite this man to join us for a meal. It turned out that he was a believer who was waiting for his friend. When his friend arrived who was called Daniel, we were introduced and Daniel took us to a church in the evening.

    After the meeting a lady invited us to her apartment where we would meet her husband. He was not a believer and lived a sinful life-style which hurt his wife. The Lord gave many specific words of knowledge, which had a deep impact upon his life.

    We were invited to speak at their home two days later. When we arrived, we met the house group. God turned up; people were healed and set free from demonic bondages. The husband wept like a baby and gave his heart to Jesus. God is so good.


    At the Checkout

    I was in a shop at the checkout buying my product; the Holy Spirit prompted me to give the cashier a tract, (I use about forty types). I pulled the first one that came to hand out of my pocket. The title of the tract was ‘Have a nice holiday’ the man replied "Thank you I am going on holiday next week". So I wished him all the best and left the shop.


    In the Bike Shop

    I was in a bike shop the mechanic was looking at my bike and said “I’m having a bad month". "Why" I replied and the man told me. So I handed him a tract and briefly told him that I am a Christian and that I trust God and believe what is written in the Bible. I encouraged him to trust God and believe the Bible.


    On a Journey

    I was driving to Wales and I picked up a hitchhiker who was on the outskirts of Bath who was on his way to London. (I later dropped him off him at the roundabout leading to the M4 as East was towards London and West was towards Wales, so it was not an inconvenience for me) He was a New Ager. We talked about God and other things and I gave him a tract as I dropped him off.

    Three days later on my return journey I picked up the same man on the same roundabout where I had left him! I dropped him off at the same place where I picked him up three days earlier! God just totally amazes me.


    Door to door

    I was in the South of England doing door-to-door work with a friend and we gave a man a gospel leaflet. On the front cover was a picture of a lake in North America. He looked at us in amazement “I just came back from holiday on that lake!”

    On a Mission Journey

    We were on mission smuggling Bibles in an Islamic country. My friend went into this shop and spoke to the Arab shopkeeper about Jesus in English. The shopkeeper said "Why don’t you speak Arabic like your friend who was in here earlier today telling me the same Jesus?" There was nobody in our group who could speak Arabic! Yet God had sent somebody only hours earlier to speak to the same man.


    Driving from London

    I was driving some five people back from London in a Bible College minibus who had returned from holiday. On the motorway I saw a broken down car and then about a mile on I saw four people walking along. I pulled the minibus over and invited them all in for a free lift.

    They were very happy and they asked what I did. I told them that we were Christians and what my job was. I asked if they went to church and they said that they did, so I asked "Which one?" They told me, and I mentioned that I visited that particular church only two weeks before for the very first time!

    It turned out it was also their first visit and that they wanted to become Christians but were not sure how. So I was very happy to explain to them and I answered their question. Later I gave them all a different tract. One of my passengers could not read the tract without his glasses, so one of his friends read the tract to him. I dropped them off when we were nearer their home after many junctions.


    North Africa

    We were walking down the road in a group on a mission trip in an Islamic country. A young Arab man greeted us; my friend replied but mispronounced a word and so insulted the man by accident! The man asked, "Why do you insult me" in English. My friend apologised and we started chatting about Jesus.

    The man interrogated us to see if we were real Christians who live the life! We explained who we were and the man revealed that he was a believer but knew no other believer at all.

    He worked in the army, had been persecuted for his faith and was not ashamed of Jesus; Jesus was still his best and only friend. He got converted through watching satellite TV and was semi-discipled under a Missionary who later got expelled from the country.

    We asked him why he was standing on the corner (only less than a minute from our hotel which we booked into only about one hour before). He replied that he was walking down the road and Jesus told him to stand on the corner, “I had been waiting for two minutes and then you lot arrived!"

    We took him for dinner and spent the afternoon with him worshipping God on a sand dune, reading the Word, in prayer and fellowship. We took him back to his barracks and we gave him some money, as we believed God wanted us to.


    On an Internet forum

    I was just browsing a Christian forum and I felt God was leading me to reply to someone. I wrote what I thought I should and logged off.

    Later that week I went back online and saw the reply from the person I had written to. To cut a long story short, they were very discouraged one night and were going to make a major decision when they found my post. It was a great encouragement to them and God really spoke to them.


    In Europe

    I was in town and decided to go back to my hostel. When I arrived a met a new guy who came out with us to a restaurant. We talked about the Lord and his heart was opened by the Lord. It was amazing!

    At my youth group

    I was at my youth group and I felt God was giving me a prophecy for one of my friends. I began to write it down and gave it to the person. They were totally amazed that God would speak to them. It was a great encouragement to us both.


    My Job

    My company had just closed down, I was now unemployed. I went to the job centre that day and they asked me what I wanted to do for work. I was totally shocked, that morning I had had a job; now I was unemployed.

    I got home and the phone rang. It was the company next door to my old work-place, and they offered me a new job which I took


    Be open to God

    We just have to be open to what God is doing today and everyday.

    Every day why not ask God to lead you into divine appointments. Many say a prayer like this, "Holy Spirit whatever you are doing today, let me be a part of it, I want to glorify Jesus and advance the kingdom".

    After praying be prepared if God has anything for you; He can do the impossible and the unexpected.

  • ‘Be ready for every good work’ Titus 3:1.
  • ‘But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you’1 Peter 3:15.
  • ‘Preach the word; be instant in season, and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine’ 2 Timothy 4:2.

  • 'THE

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