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I know God wants us to tithe 10% of our money to Him, but where does that money go? Angus.

Angus, if you eat in restaurant A, you don't pay in restaurant B - you give your money to the restaurant you ate in. The same is true with tithing. The tithe goes to God, but where is God feeding you? Who is helping you grow spiritually? Who is providing your spiritual food? The tithe goes to the answer to that question.

If all your spiritual growth is linked to a teaching ministry, why are you giving your tithe elsewhere?

We have to be very careful that our tithe is used wisely. If we give that tithe to prop up a dead ministry (or according to Revelation 2-3, a dead church), then our tithe is wasted in poor spiritual ground. Remember our tithe is a seed - we must make sure we put our seed in good spiritual soil that is bringing forth fruit for our future.

Also, we betray God's help for other people if we support dead works. Why should our tithe support a work that is not helping people grow in Christ, when it could be used to change peoples lives for the good?

Are you propping up a dead work that produces no fruit, or is your seed going into a productive harvest?

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