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I recently became a Christian, but what do I do now?

When you became a Christian, you gave your life to the Lord and so the first step is to get to know God and to discover His purposes for your life. You can do this by spending some time reading the Bible everyday and by praying, seeking God for His personal plans for you. Be direct and honest with God in prayer and over time He will answer.

God says that, ‘You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart’ Jeremiah 29:13. If you put God’s will for your life first and seek Him with ALL of your heart, you will find His direction. However, there are no fully-cooked microwave Christians – if you want depth and certainty, it takes time in His word and prayer. Real growth takes years, not weeks.

Also, remember you are not on your own in this journey. The Bible encourages us to meet with other Christians with whom we can pray, worship and encourage each other in God’s word. You may be able to find a good youth group or cell group where you can have this chance to grow in Christ.

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