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ByFaith TV On The Australian Christian Channel

ByFaith - A Journey Of Discipleship, is now airing in Australia. Check out the programme every Tuesday evening on the Australian Christian Channel and worldwide viewers can watch online. This series is a thoroughly entertaining experience, with a challenging message of complete surrender to the call of Christian discipleship.

This fast paced and engaging programme has a bold Christian worldview, and a clear biblical message. Discover how the mission journeys are the setting where Paul and Mathew explore several biblical subjects through the life-lessons that God prepares for them in each nation.

  • In most nations, the programme gives some background information about the spiritual condition of the country.
  • Learn something of the culture and sites of historical significance in many of these nations.
  • Every episode aims to encourage believers to grow in their faith.
  • Several episodes seek to motivate prayer and vision for revival.
  • It also desires to help encourage and stimulate interest in mission work.

    The series is compelling and entertaining viewing, which is safe for the whole family.

    Find out where and when to watch ByFaith TV here.