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UK Census. 
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UK Census

On the 29th April 2001 the UK officially had a population of 58,789,194. For the first time there are more people over 60 than under 16, and 1.1 million of our population are aged over 85 or older.

There has been a 5% rise in the population throughout the UK in the past 20 years, but there are remarkable regional differences. The very South shot up 10%, and the very North slightly declined. Also, over the age of 21 women outnumber men, where in the past it was always ladies over 40 outnumber men.

The Welsh population had declined 3%, whilst in Scotland the population has declined 2% over the past 20 years. Northern Ireland increased 9% since 1981.

The improvement in health care and living standards throughout the nation will continue to contribute to our ageing population.

The survey cost £225 million. 88% responded to the census and 'standard sampling techniques' were used to redress the imbalances. However the census cannot count for those around the world and students on gap years.
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