Genuine Christian Revival

Surveys have often revealed that over 95% of people who respond in modern evangelistic campaigns are often no-where to be found within two years. When Peter preached in Acts 2, people were cut to the heart and changed forever, but today the church is often used to never seeing the new 'converts' ever again.

In contrast, church history is full of accounts of Christian revival that changed not only churches, but communities and even nations. But sadly, most Christians will never have the time available to research accounts of revivals from hundreds of sources, let alone visit various sites of revivals or personally speak to revivalists or those who knew them – but this is exactly what the author Mathew Backholer has been doing over the last few years and he has combined all his research into several books.

Christian TV viewers around the world may have watched Mathew Backholer on missions through Asia, North Africa or Europe in ByFaith Christian TV, but also, he has also been on a lifelong mission to understand revival and in his series of books about revival, the author reveals what he has learnt.

‘To truly understand what revival is, we need to learn from the revivalists' themselves, like Jonathan Edward’s, John Wesley, Whitefield, Finney, Evan Roberts, Duncan Campbell, and others as they describe their experiences and explain the true meaning and experience of Christian revival’ said Mathew Backholer. He continued, ‘We need to re-examine and rediscover a genuine understanding of Christian revival, because it will challenge and inspire us to believe for the same today.’

Mathew Backholer’s books, have brought together the accounts of many revivals, from around the world, so that modern Christians can gain the blessing of these revivalists knowledge and experience without having to spend a lifetime researching them themselves.

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