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Vitamins B

B3- niacin is concerned with the release of energy from food and aids the health of the nerves, digestive system, tongue and skin. It is a co-enzyme for fat-soluble vitamins and is involved in the function of thyroid and insulin production. It is found in yeast, fish, poultry meat, organ meats (liver, kidney), nuts, soya beans, wheat germ and brewers yeast.

B6- pyridoxine is involved with your growth, formation of brain substance and immune and anti allergy system. It is involved in water levels (body fluids), through sodium potassium balance. It is found in bananas, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, organ meats (liver), lean muscle meats, fish, soya bean and buckwheat flour and wheat germs.

B12 is good for red blood cell formation, bone marrow health, skin condition, healthy nervous system and is needed for normal growth. It is found in cheese, eggs, milk, liver, meat and wheat germ.

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