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 In Christ


At the careers office

Have you considered the following jobs?

  • 16. Store man? Im not good at keeping stuff.
  • 17. Train driver? I cant keep on track with all the studying.
  • 18. Tree Surgeon? I dont have a steady hand.
  • 19. Lawyer? Im an honest person!
  • 20. Bus driver? Im not good at keeping in lane.
  • 21. Undertaker? Its a dying trade.
  • 22. AAC worker? I cant sell enough products!
  • 23. High-wire artist? Im not good at toeing the line.
  • 24. Prison warder? I have visited the cells to often already.
  • 25. Glue manufacturer? I would not be able to stick to it.
  • 26. Brain surgeon? What do they do?
  • 27. Optician? I could look into it.
  • 28. Airhostess? I dont have a head for heights.
  • 29. Traffic warden? I dont drive.
  • 30. Potholer? The finances could be tight.

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    Hab. 2:4
    'By faith and the Bible'
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