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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 81. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a tube of toothpaste”. “You do look a little thin around the middle”.
  • 82. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a pair of glasses”. “Calm down, don’t make a spectacle of yourself”.
  • 83. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a magnifying glass”. “I think you’re enlarging the problem”.
  • 84. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a table”. “I’ll just pull up a chair”.
  • 85. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a Haddock”. “Something smells fishy to me”.
  • 86. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a caterpillar”. “Sit down and take the weight of your feet”.
  • 87. “Doctor, doctor I feel like elastic”. “Isn’t that stretching it a bit too far?”
  • 88. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a ball”. “Don’t worry you’ll soon bounce back”.
  • 89. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a mile long road”. “I think your going too far now”.
  • 90. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a goal post”. “Don’t let the problem come between you”.

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