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'By Faith Christian Youth'

17 Names of God from the Hebrew Language

  • Elohim: Creator: Genesis 1:1.
  • Jehovah: The covenant name of God; our Father. Genesis 2:7.
  • El-Shaddai: My supply. My nourishment, Almighty God. Genesis 17:1.
  • Adonai: Master or Lord. Genesis 18:3.
  • Jehovah-Jireh: Provider and my vision. Genesis 22:14.
  • Jehovah-Rophe: My healer. Exodus 15:26.
  • Jehovah-Nissi: My victory. Exodus 17:15.
  • Jehovah-Mikkadesh: My sanctifier. Leviticus 20:7,8.
  • Jehovah-Tsidkenou: My righteousness. Jeremiah 23:5,6.
  • Jehovah-Shalom: My peace (fullness). Judges 6:24.
  • Jehovah-Tsebahoth: God of Hosts. 1 Samuel 1:3 etc.
  • Jehovah-Heleyon: God most High. Psalm 7:17.
  • Jehovah-Rohi: My Shepherd. Psalm 23:1.
  • Jehovah- Shamah: He is there; He is present. Ezekiel 48:35.
  • Jehovah-Elohay: God my God. Zechariah 14:5.
  • Ehyah Asher Ehyeh: Literally, I will be what I will be.(I am that I am) Exodus 3:14.
  • Jah (poetical language) The Lord. Expressive of eternal existence. Psalm 68:4
  • 'THE

    Hab. 2:4
    'By faith and the Bible'
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