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 Quiz 3




Great Britain

Britain is one of the wealthiest and most influential countries in the world. It's people have spread their culture, language and faith all over the world.

It also has a very rich history; no other nation did so much to shape modernity. The industrial revolution was born in its borders - the first industrialised economy - and the world followed. British scientists changed the world, and are still doing the same today.

This tiny Nation had the richest empire the world had ever seen, which covered a quarter of the earth. In darker days in history, its people have also stood up for freedom and democracy, and against all odds prevailed.

Culturally the British gave the world its number one language and sport, as well as some of the most successful bands and literature.

Today Britain plays a leading role at the centre of international politics, as the closest ally to the world’s sole superpower.

How did the people of such a small Island play such a large part in the shaping of the world? It can only be in God’s sovereign plan of grace and because of our leading role in promoting Christianity around the world.

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