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A Brief Overview of Each Book Of The Bible

  • Proverbs Wisdom for life.
  • Ecclesiastes Philosophy of life and God.
  • Song of Solomon A love story; also a picture of Jesus and the church.
  • Isaiah The small bible, a prophet of hope.
  • Jeremiah A weeping prophet.
  • Lamentations The fall of Jerusalem reviewed.
  • Ezekiel Dramatic prophecies by the prophet of future glory.
  • Daniel Promotion of Daniel, miracles, intercession, and prophecy.
  • Hosea The love of God showed by Hosea loving an unlovely prostitute.
  • Joel The day of the Lord and the great revival prophecy.
  • Amos Farmer's boy becomes a prophet of Justice.
  • Obadiah Doom.
  • Jonah The fish, Nineveh and revival.
  • Micah Restitution.
  • Nahum Retribution; judgement for Nineveh.
  • Habakkuk The prophet of doubt and faith.
  • Zephaniah The prophet of Judgement.
  • Haggai Dedication to God, and of Him to His people.
  • Zechariah Restoration.
  • Malachi Expectation of a Messiah.

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