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“God does not know what I feel like”

Only Jesus came from heaven, as God to become man. Was His life pure joy?

The Bible says whilst on earth He offered up prayers with vehement cries and tears to God, Hebrews 5:7. Does that sound more like home?

Isaiah said that He was nothing to look at. He experienced every kind of pain: loss of a father, one of His best friends died, rejection from family and nation, desertion and even betrayal from His best friends.

Left alone on the cross; dying, humiliated and naked, Jesus felt forsaken by God as He became sin for us, and cried out, “WHY?” Matthew 27:46. Trust me friend, He knows.

Jesus wept, John 11:35.(The shortest verse in the Bible).

Gal. 3:11
God knows how you feel
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