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 In Christ


At the careers office

“Have you considered the following jobs?”

  • 46. Speech therapist? “Du yu thing I bee goed at itt?”
  • 47. Linguistic teacher? “Cool dude, what I just need to have bro.”
  • 48. Engineer? “But I have never looked at an engine before.”
  • 49. Pastor? “I’m not Italian and I don’t like the food.”
  • 50. Musician? “I have only ever played my CD’s."
  • 51. Fisherman? “You had dock to have a good sole and you need to be in tuna with the sea.”
  • 52. Barman? “Well I could drink to that.”
  • 53. Athlete? “All I have ever caught is athlete’s foot.”
  • 54. Runner? “I am quick to catch a cold.”
  • 55. Armed forces? “It sounds OK, as I do have two arms.”
  • 56. Bouncer? “My ligaments are not that flexible as I don't stretch often.”
  • 57. Pottery maker? “The pay is not good and I might crack up.”
  • 58. Fast-food outlet? “I don’t go to college.”
  • 59. Lumberjack? “If I’m slow, the guys will always tease me by saying, “Chop, chop.”
  • 60. Lecturer? “Maybe, my friends say that I am good at giving them.”
  • 61. Photographer? “I don’t want to be negative but my skills are a bit undeveloped.”
  • “Is there ANY thing you would like to do?” “Yes, retire!”

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