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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 41. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a cabbage”. “Yes you do look a little green”.
  • 42. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a submarine”. “Are things getting you under?”
  • 43. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a bridge…”. “Let’s go over it again”.
  • 44. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a MFI cabinet”. “I will see if I can put you together”.
  • 45. “Doctor, doctor I feel like an elephant”. “Yes you do walk heavy footed”.
  • 46. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a lemon”. “Well I hope your not going to be sour about it”.
  • 47. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a telephone”. “Give me a ring and we will arrange another appointment”.
  • 48. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a candle”. “Don’t get too hot under the collar or you might melt”.
  • 49. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a trumpet”. “Well give us a tune then”.
  • 50. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a kangaroo”. “Well hop to the chair man”.

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