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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 51. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a thief”. “In that case I will not ask you to take a chair then”.
  • 52. “Doctor, doctor my wife feels like a camel”. “Has she got the hump?”
  • 53. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a snowman”. “Warm yourself up and it will soon melt away”.
  • 54. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a clothes line”. “Where do you hang out ?”
  • 55. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a dress”. “Well you look in one piece to me”.
  • 56. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a tape measure”. “Let me check your height”.
  • 57. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a photo ready to be developed”. “You should not be negative about it”.
  • 58. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a video cassette”. “Lets go over it from the beginning and we will look again”.
  • 59. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a letter”. “You need to open up more and then we can look inside”.
  • 60. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a CD re-writer”. “I think that we are just beginning to scratch the surface”.

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