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Minority Report and the Future

In the recent film Minority Report staring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg, future technological ideas are displayed. One such possibility is the use of jet packs within society. Are these incredible ideas of dreamers, or realistic possibilities?

The jet pack is now old technology, the first one designed in 1961. They had great problems with manoeuvrability, and landing so the idea never really caught on.

However the idea of personal flight is still moving forward. A strap on helicopter called Solotrek has been designed by a U.S company. This product could be used by the military and civilians in the future.

Voice activated computers have been a dream for over 30 years since the birth of the PC. Doing away with the keyboard and mouse has made a few steps forward, but in reality the power and technology is not yet here. For example getting computers to accurately interpret human speech and gestures is very difficult.

The seeds of amazing technologies are with us now. Research and development continues and the future is now!