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Intelligent Design Throws Evolution In Crisis

Intelligent Design, (I.D.) shows the incredible complexity of the world's creatures and it provides compelling evidence that they have been created rather than randomly evolved.

A Scientific Basis For A Belief In The Creator

Teaching Intelligent Design as well as evolution will allow the student to gain a scientific basis to discover the errors in the traditional views of evolutions.

Young people will also have a deep intellectual basis for a belief in an Intelligent Designer. This compliments our Biblical belief that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator.

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A Balanced View

Intelligent design biologists and other I.D. Scientists are pressing for a balanced view of how the world came to exist, to be taught in the education systems of the world.

However the secular are fighting this type of study knowing that it undermines their world view, one in which God - the intelligent designer is not allowed. This approach is unbalanced and unscientific; with a foundational desire to keep an atheist world view.

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Where Did Life Come From?

The established answer to the question of where life came from is Evolution.

However Intelligent Design provides a great way to introduce students to the controversies around Evolution and to provide a way of 'thinking through things'.

Biblically we trust in the Scriptures that teach that God is the author of Creation.

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Is It A Philosophy?

Evolutionists argue against intelligent design saying that it is actually a philosophy or religion.
But Darwinism has a religious basis; it claims that there is no purpose or intelligence behind the Universe, which of course is a very 'religious' statement.

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A Plane Came Out Of A Junkyard!

It is more possible for an intelligently designed plane being accidentally formed after a hurricane hits a junk yard, than for a big bang to produce an intelligently designed Universe.

Evolution has a foundation in philosophy which is called naturalism or materialism. These scientists believe there is no God, nature is everything.

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Evolution In Crisis

As Intelligent design question's the established beliefs on a scientific basis, the foundations of evolution are being shaken.

Darwinism as a theory is in crisis, and the scientific established worldview has been notorious for challenging new breakthroughs that shake many of its very personal beliefs. I.D. is not a complete enemy of Evolution, it also says that Darwin is partly right-at least about minor variations in creatures.

It is important that we have real answers in these dark days of deception. Find out more about intelligent design...

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