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'Get out of debt'

Goodbye Credit Card

Many people in debt lost control of their spending years ago, and a new credit card was the short term answer. It is a sin to indulge oneself, especially at the cost of others, when one is in debt.

Credit cards give a false sense of wealth. If you had to pay with cash only, would you have bought that item? Everything seems cheaper when it is bought on a credit card, but that cost will come back to haunt you!

If you are in debt and canít control the use of your credit card, then it is wise to buy items that you only have the cash for. Make a choice to shop with cash only or use a debit card that cannot exceed your bank limit; cut your credit card in two - end of story.

A great miracle

Do you imagine someone giving you five thousand pounds and suddenly all your problems are over! Many pray that way, but if you do not learn new spending habits based on your essential needs, you will soon get in debt again.

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Hab. 2:4
'By faith and the Bible'
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