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'Get out of debt'

Make a clear budget based on your needs not desires

When making a budget you need to compare your Income Vs. Expenses. Make a list of your needs this year and their costs.

Now you have a clear understanding of how much is needed for bills, food, clothing, travel expenses etc, you must consider what expenditures are not essential. How many items on your essential list do not need to be there?

Do you really need to go out for dinner three times a week? Do you really need a new car? Should you go abroad on holiday? Do you need to pay someone to do essential maintenance, or can you do the work yourself?

It will take sacrifice to get out of debt, but remember you are on the way to financial freedom.

When you have planned how much you need to spend on essentials, you know how much you have left over. You can now choose to pay off an amount from you debt, save a little, and spend a little on entertainment for sanity's sakes!

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