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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 21. “Doctor, doctor I feel dog tired”. “Have you been growling all day?”
  • 22. “Doctor, doctor I feel like I’m going round in circles”. “Stand up and turn around please”.
  • 23. “Doctor, doctor I feel like I’m not taken seriously”. “Sir you’re dressed like a clown”.
  • 24. “Doctor, doctor I don’t enjoy meal-times anymore”. “Sack the chef and get a new one”.
  • 25. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a boat”. “Please stand on the starboard side of the room”.
  • 26. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a cup of coffee”. “Did it happen in an instant”.
  • 27. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a stick of dynamite”. “Umm it sounds explosive”.
  • 28. “Doctor, doctor my world is falling apart”. “Shall I get you some glue?”
  • 29. “Doctor Jones, I don’t know where I am these days”. “You are in the wrong room. I’m Doctor John; Doctor Jones is in the next room”.
  • 30. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a cup of tea”. “Yes don’t we all”.

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