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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 11. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a pair of pyjamas”. “Jump up on the bed and I will take a look”.
  • 12. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a clock”. “Wait a minute and I will be there in a tick”.
  • 13. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a soldier”. “Stand up straight and do exactly as I say”.
  • 14. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a milkshake”. “Yes you do look a little shaken”.
  • 15. “Doctor, doctor I feel like I’m running out of time”. “Can you come back in an hour?”
  • 16. “Doctor, doctor I don’t look good today”. “Do you ever look good?”
  • 17. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a train”. “Make sure you keep on the right track”.
  • 18. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a diesel car”. “Yes you did look a bit sluggish coming through the door”.
  • 19. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a turbo charged hot hatch”. “Slow down man and please repeat your sentence”.
  • 20. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a Pentium five chip”. “Well don’t we all want the latest technology”.

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