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Revival Now - Revival Links

The Essence of Revival

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones speaking on revival said, “Suddenly they are aware of this presence, they’re aware of the majesty and the awe of God. The Holy Spirit literally seems to be preceding over the meeting and taking charge of it, and manifesting His power and guiding and leading them, and directing them. This is the essence of revival.”

The Word Revival

The word ‘revival’ comes from the Latin word ‘revivere’ meaning to live, to return to consciousness, to reawaken or a renewal of fervour, ‘but strictly speaking, it means to bring to life again, to reanimate…’ so wrote G. J. Morgan. The Greek word for revival is anazorpureo, which means to stir up or rekindle a fire which is slowly dying, to keep in full flame. It is used metaphorically when the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, ‘…Stir up the gift of God which is in you…’ (2 Timothy 1:6).

Welsh revivalist, Christmas Evans from the eighteenth century wrote: ‘Revival is God bending down to the dying embers of a fire just about to go out and breathing into it until it bursts once again into flame.’

The word ‘revival’ first came into the English language in 1702; the standard definition being: an awakening in or of evangelical religion. Sometimes the concept of revival is referred to as: a quickening, a spiritual awakening, a visitation, the Holy Spirit descending or a Pentecost etc. From: Understanding Revival by Mathew Backholer, page 9.

  • Mathew Backholer on Live TV

  • Great Christian Revivals - DVD

  • Revival Fires and Awakenings - Thirty-Six Visitations of the Holy Spirit

  • Global Revival, Worldwide Outpourings - Forty-Three Visitations of the Holy Spirit

  • Understanding Revival and Addressing the Issues it Provokes

  • Revival Fire - 150 Years of Revivals

  • Revival Answers, True and False Revivals

  • Holy Spirit Power!

  • The Holy Spirit in a Man

  • Reformation to Revival, 500 Years of God’s Glory

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  • Revivals of the United Kingdom of Great Britain - (Chronologically Archived)

    North East of England Revivals 1742-1994   Go

    Liverpool and Merseyside 1840 to 1940   Go

    1859 Revival Wales, Scotland and England   Go

    1859 Revival in Ireland   Go

    Ulster Revival 1859 (Ireland)   Go

    1904 Welsh Revival   Go

    Pentecostal Pioneers (British and Irish)   Go

    History of England / Britain   Go

    UK Wells (United Kingdom's Spiritual Wells)   Go

    Individuals Revivalists from Great Britain

    Richard Baxter (1615-1691)   Go

    Cotton Mather (New England)   Go

    George Whitefield   Go

    George Whitefield (Anglican Library)   Go

    John Wesley   Go

    John Wesley (Pictures and Audio)   Go

    Charles Wesley   Go

    William Booth   Go

    Charles H. Spurgeon   Go

    Rodney "Gypsy" Smith   Go

    Gipsy Smith (1860-1947)   Go

    Evan Roberts (Wales)   Go

    Rees Howells (Southern Africa and Wales)   Go

    Smith Wigglesworth   Go

    Duncan Campbell   Go

    Revivalist's Biographies

    Madame Guyon   Go

    Jonathan Edwards   Go

    David Brainerd   Go

    Peter Cartwright (1785-1872)   Go

    Charles Finney   Go

    Dwight L. Moody   Go

    Oswald J. Smith   Go

    Rees Howells (Intercessor, Missionary and Revivalist) Go

    Leaders and Revivalist's Biographies

    Church Fathers (1st-5th Century)   Go

    Revivalist Biographies 15th-20th Century   Go

    Scottish Preachers   Go

    Scottish Hall of Fame   Go

    Various Leaders Including Revivalists   Go

    Biographies on Christians and Historical Figures   Go

    Pentecostal Ministers   Go

    Biographies of Healing Revivalists   Go

    Quotes from Missionaries / Revivalists   Go

    International Evangelists Biographies

    Reuben Archer Torrey   Go

    John Wilbur Chapman   Go

    Oral Roberts (1918-2009) - Healing Evangelist   Go

    William (Billy) Graham   Go

    Reinhard Bonnke (CFaN)   Go

    Christian Heritage Centres

    Archive Film and Audio (Healing Evangelists and Revivalists)   Go

    Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (Assemblies of God, Archives and Research etc.)   Go

    Billy Graham Center Archives   Go

    Christian History

    Church History Timeline   Go

    God’s Generals (Christian History)   Go

    Sketches of Church History   Go

    Hall of Church History   Go

    Concern for the UK

    Christian Voice   Go

    Christian Legal Centre   Go

    National Debt Clock   Go

    Great Britain - Its History, Christianity, Language and Development

  • How Christianity Made the Modern World (Book)
  • Prophecy Now, Prophetic Words and Divine Revelations for You, the Church and the Nations (Book)
  • Great Britain – An Influential Nation
  • The History of England / Britain
  • The History / Origins of the English Language
  • Timeline of Bible Translation and History of the English Bible
  • The Evolving English Language and Bible Translation
  • Christianity and the Development of Democracy and Human Rights (1215-2009)
  • The Bicentenary of the End of the Slave Trade 1807–2007 - William Wilberforce
  • How Christianity Made the Modern World
  • Rees Howells' Bible College (BCW) 1924-2009

    ByFaith Media - Revival Products

  • Great Christian Revivals - DVD
  • Revival Fires and Awakenings - Book
  • Global Revival - Worldwide Outpourings - Book
  • Understanding Revival - Book
  • Revival Fire - Book
  • Revival Answers - Book
  • Holy Spirit Power! - Book
  • The Holy Spirit in a Man - Book

  • Reformation to Revival, 500 Years of God’s Glory

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  • International Revivals - (Chronologically Archived)

    Revivals from the Holy Bible   Go

    Thirteen Waves of Christian Missions (Revival Related)   Go

    Church Timeline   Go

    Uprising of the Children 1708 (Silesia / Cieszyn - Czech-Polish border)   Go

    Great Awakening 1800-1899 (Timeline)   Go

  • Korea and Christianity (Wonsan Revival 1903-1904 & Pyongyang Great Revival 1907-1910)

  • Korean Revivals 1903+

  • The Basic of Revival and the Pyongyang Great Revival 1907-1910 (scroll down)

  • Pyongyang Great Revival 1907-1910 – Korea

    Azusa Street Revival 1906-1909 - USA   Go

    312 Azusa Street Revival 1906   Go

    Azusa Street Revival   Go

    Khasia Hills Revival 1906 - India   Go

    Mapumulo Revival 1966 (Zulus in South Africa - chapter 5-7)   Go

    Asbury College Revival 1970 - USA   Go

    Campus Awakenings 1970-2006   Go

    Canadian Revival 1971 (Past Issue and scroll down to May 2007)   Go

    Nokia Revival 1991+   Go

    Hope College Revival 1995 – America   Go

    Shillong Revival 2006-2007 – India   Go

  • Shillong Revival 2006-2007

    Todd Bentley's Restoration Videos   Go

    Revival in Algeria 2009   Go

  • Delia Knox Miracle at the Bay Revival 2010

    Mission Related Revivals Worldwide (Various Dates)   Go

    Revival News Related Websites

    Open Heaven - Int. Revival Network   Go

    Revival Fire News (Revival Clips)   Go

    Revival News   Go

    Revival Sermons, Teaching and Videos

  • Mathew Backholer on Live TV

  • ByFaith TV Revival Clips

    Revival Trailers Evangelical (1739-91), Welsh (1904-05) and Hebridean Revivals (1949-52)   Go

    Welsh Revival (1904-1905) (Video)   Go

    1857-1859 Revival America (video)   Go

    Evangelical Tracts (Revival Sermons)   Go

    Links to Healing and Revival Resources   Go

    Articles on Revivals (Click on Past Issues of Herald)   Go

    Sermon Index   Go

    Revival Library   Go

    Watchword (Lots of info on Revival)   Go

    Sermons and Video (Revival, Holiness, Overcoming Sin etc.)   Go

    J. Edwin Orr (Revivalist, Author and Revival Historian - Revival Videos)   Go

    Free Books (Revival and Others)

    Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Free Digital Books)   Go

    Free Revival Sermons   Go

    General Revivals Sites

    Glory Now   Go

    Revival Days   Go

    UK Wells - United Kingdom's Christian Heritage and its Spiritual Wells (1,000+ sites)   Go

    Glory of His Cross (Revivals and Revivalists)   Go

    A History of Christian Revivals   Go

    Revival Related Sites and Inspired Ministries

    Revival Prayer Army (Praying for UK)   Go

    Celebration For The Nations (Wales)   Go

    Shake the Nations Ministries  Go

    Canadian Revival Fellowship   Go

    An interactive prayer and mobilisation event 2010-11   Go

    The Late Colin & Mary Peckham   Go

    John Wesley - Wesley Centre for Applied Theology (Methodist)  Go

    Norman Grubb (Author on Revival etc.)   Go

    Christian Hymnology (Revival Hymns)

    10,700+ Christian Hymns & Gospel Songs   Go

    5,000+ Hymnals and Collections with 22,400+ tunes   Go

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