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By Faith. How far is too far?
How far is too far?

7. The media spins out all kinds of lies regarding sex. If you believe all it says, then look up because pigs will be flying! It rarely shows you the pains and problems of sexual immorality, but you can find out first hand by following its advice. God wants to spare you that pain.

8. Who is giving you ideas? Films, music and magazines that promote ‘free sex’ (they only wish it was free) can lead you in the wrong direction. Why is billions spent each year on advertising? Because it effects what you do, where you go and what you buy. So select carefully what media you will consume, it can effect what you do. Keep your mind and heart pure.

9. It is worth repeating. Make your mind up not to be controlled by lust, but to enjoy a pure relationship now, and choose God’s best for the future.

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Heb. 10:38
By Faith. How far is too far?.
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