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8 mistakes to avoid in mission

Your own attitudes and expectations will make or break your mission experience, so beware of:

1. Only focusing on spiritual things, "I'm here to see miracles, not to wash up!"
2. Losing touch with God, "I don't have time for prayer and the Bible!" Group studies and services are not enough.
3. Not wanting to change the schedule. A chance encounter could be a divine appointment.
4. Getting romantically involved with someone. Remember you are in an unusual setting - the distraction and any mistakes can be devastating.
5. Criticisms of team members and leaders.
6. Being a hygiene spoof ball! Start praying grace instead of just saying it!
7. Not sharing what you have with team members and locals in need.
8. When you return home, don't scold your home church and friends for their lack of commitment, for their weak prayers and for their inadequate giving to missions.

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