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Why Should I Work? - Occupy Yourself

They call it an occupation, because it keeps you occupied! We spend a large part of our lives at work; do you really believe that God has planned a good life for you, but has not bothered to choose a career path for you?

In your work life, you can be a good witness, learn responsibility and find an output for some of your natural giftings.

“Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically” Romans 12:11.

Getting Stuck

Maybe you have been working for many years and now feel stuck in a low paid job. Remember, God has a destiny for you! If you don’t feel fulfilled in your work now, ask God to open a door to a job where you can be fulfilled.

Could you do an online study course, which will develop your qualifications? Don’t drop the dream, just because you may feel ‘too old.’ Many people are starting new careers much later on in life. Many older people are going back to school.

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