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Getting Through The Job Interview

First impressions still count! Remember the employer is probably very busy and doesnít want to waste time. Make sure you arrive on time. Look smart; sound positive and enthusiastic.

Use your body language to show enthusiasm: Keep eye contact and sit up straight; donít slump in your chair and look around the room when they are speaking!

Your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Your C.V. gives a future employer an idea about the qualifications, skills, gifting and work experience that you have had. You can find many examples online. Your C.V. helps the employer discern if you are suitable for the vacant position.

Questioning Your C.V.

Now that the employer has an idea about you, they may ask questions about your past work. Listen carefully, respond with confidence Ė stick to the facts: they probably donít want to hear about your aunties cakes!

They may ask you about your hobbies Ė donít worry - they are not prying! They just want to get an idea about your personality. Itís important for them to know that you will fit into the work force.

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