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The Internet @ Everest

The Internet @ Everest

An Internet café on Mount Everest called the Namche Bazar was destroyed in June 2001 when Maoist rebels destroyed the transmitter.

A Mr Tsering Gyaltsen opened a new Internet cafe on Mount Everest in March 2003. Tsering Gyaltsen Sherpa is the grandson of one of Sherpa’s that joined Edmund Hillary when he first conquered the 8850m high Mount Everest in 1953.

The cafe is on the Khumbu glacier at 5300m and allows climbers to access the web.

Expeditions, which cost almost £40,000 on average, are expected to pay some £660 for using the transmitter that will be installed on a slope 300 metres higher than the camp but locals will be allowed to use it as well, at a probable reduced rate. The money will go towards purchasing equipment for the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, a team that annually clears Mount Everest of the rubbish that climbers leave behind.

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