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'Believe in God'

Why should we believe in God?

Some people would say that God is only a crutch for people...well when you're a cripple a crutch is a good thing!

You are not guaranteed health, friends, wealth, a job, family, leisure time, or holidays in this life. Yet so many people strive to be happy with things that only rot or perish, can be stolen or damaged, broken and destroyed. People let you down, they stitch you up, hearts get broken and everybody dies in the end. What is the foundation of your life?

Jesus said " I will never leave you nor forsake you...I will be with you always even to the very end of the age " Matthew 28:20.

Put your trust in Jesus, He can help you get through life and you can have life to the full. Jesus never said it would be easy...follow Him, the rewards are out of this world!

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Hab. 2:4
'By faith '
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