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Christians in the spotlight

All of us have the possibility of falling away, so letís heed the warning from Scripture.

ĎTherefore, beloved, knowing beforehand, beware lest being led away with the error of the lawless, you fall from your own steadfastnessí. 2 Peter 3:17

Itís no new thing that God can sustain Christians in the spotlight of the media. Look at Sir Cliff Richard, the pop idol of his day. He has had a number one single in every decade since the founding of his career and has remained true to Christ.

Today, Sir Cliff supports many Christian youth projects including Cross Rhythms Radio and Crusaders. May the Lord raise up more people like him, who use their influence effectively for Christ.

Letís pray for more Christians to be in spotlight, and that their witness for Christ would be faithful.


Hab. 2:4
'By faith '
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